Loving Care To Your Door!

Emerald Pet Beauty LLC is proud to offer mobile pet grooming services to Bucks County and the surrounding communities. Check our service areas here We provide a comfortable and sanitary environment to ensure your family member will have the best experience available while in our care - we are a cage-free, low stress salon suitable for both young animals who need to get used to being groomed as well as older furbabies who need a gentle, quiet pampering.

When you choose Emerald Pet Beauty, you know your pet will be cared for like they’re one of our own.

"When I tell you they are magnificent, that is an understatement. They took possession of my dog, made him feel safe and secure and when they handed him back to me he smelled awesome and looked amazing."

- Julie

What to expect:

Our Mobile Salon is unlike anything you or your pet has ever experienced.

Once inside the all self-contained, climate controlled, state-of-the-art mobile salon, we begin the grooming process.

We begin all of our services with a health inspection to advise you of any additional services necessary. Up on the grooming table we remove any excess ear hair and then clean the ears with a special, all natural , safe products. We then trim the toenails and grind them for a smoother finish.

Next comes the warm, therapeutic bath. We only use shampoo which is one of the highest quality, and all natural, and especially formulated for your pet’s skin condition and coat texture. A thorough rinsing of your pet prepares them to be towel dried and ready for the application of the Mauro Leave In conditioning treatment to restore your dog’s healthy coat while nourishing the delicate pH balance of your dog’s skin. To finish off the bath, we fluff dry by hand using a non-heated dryer specifically designed for dogs. (No cage drying.)

Following the drying, we brush and comb your dogs coat, trim the paw pads of excess hair, and trim the sanitary areas. Now they are ready for their styling of your choice (Full Patriot service only).

Your dog will be proud to come prancing back to see you and showoff his or her new haircut!

The Benefits Of Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming assures your pet has a complete and comfortable experience, all without ever leaving your driveway!

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Time saving

Save time with service at your home or office. Our service is accommodating to your schedule.

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Professional treamtent

Your dog will receive treatment including hand scissoring and a warm, gentle blow dry by hand.

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Safe environment

Mobile grooming eliminates exposure to other pets helping you to keep your dog in good health.

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Personalized service

You and your dog get the attention you deserve with one-on-one personal service.

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Friendly environment

Your dog stays at home, preventing car anxiety and separation anxiety.

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No cage

Your dog will be pampered in luxury and never put in a crate.

To learn more about benefits of mobile grooming click here

Did You Know?

Dogs Should Be Groomed Every 4 Weeks

Proper dog grooming is about more than doggie hairstyles or being best in show—it is an essential part of the life of any healthy dog. Dogs, just like people, need regular baths and other physical maintenance to keep them healthy and happy.